Hey, you hit the do the thing button and landed here, let me explain I have hit a point in the semester where I am just really burned out and want to be done, and can't really be asked to redo the majority of tweetFormat() that being said, the tweet either didn't have a link, or the link was a t.co link that linked to another tweet, had a partial URL, or didn't get picked up in any of the dictionaries labeled URL. (also for some reason if people just LINK Their instagram it returns literally nothing of value other than a link back to their tweet in the form of t.co) To make up for that here are some goats that we had born near the start of the semester, the first one is named "Gungis the Angry" and his brother "Fungis the Unamused" Their mother died after they were born so I had to bottle feed them and keep them near me at all times under a heat lamp (thats why they are in the box) They are doing perfectly fine, but treat me like their mother and will follow me around and chew on me (their names are billy and dave now that they are on the market)